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Do you want to have a beautiful lawn? Then, you should consider investing in quality landscaping. It’s the best way to keep your property healthy and attractive. La Inocencia Landscaping is a professional yet affordable landscaping company that can help you achieve your goals. We are in Homestead, FL and can help you with your landscaping needs.

What We Offer

Mulching Service

Mulching Service
It entails amending the soil with an organic layer that helps the soil retain moisture, inhibits the development of weeds, and enhances the general health of your plants. Specialists should handle it, and we are those experts. Mulching is a simple and affordable technique that enhances the beauty of the landscaping around your home. Give us a call now!

Residential Landscaping Services

Residential Landscaping Services
The façade of any property is just as significant as the interior. The same level of care is also needed. We are meticulous in our work and are knowledgeable about all aspects of yard maintenance. We have done extensive research on the area and are authorities. We assure you of a realistic understanding of the project as a result. Contact our team now!

Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscaping Services
As a well-known neighborhood landscaping business, we also cater to commercial clients. We provide services for private property owners, business companies, hospitals, and other commercial properties. Always include our custom landscaping services in your detailed maintenance schedule. We have been beautifying and nurturing countless landscapes.

Hardscape Installation

Hardscape Installation
As your hardscape contractor, we can create any kind of hardscape addition for your outside area, including massive concrete walkways, patios, and backyard getaways. In addition, we are professionals in building other hardscape features. By hiring our landscapers, you can be confident that your job will be finished quickly. Contact our expert team today!

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Our tree trimming services are intended to maintain your trees’ health and best-looking condition. We will cut back any overgrown areas and remove dead or decaying branches, and your trees will remain healthy and attractive. The best trimming methods and strategies are at our disposal for producing high-quality work. Turn to us for impeccable results!

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Installation
Before constructing your irrigation system, you must devise a plan to guarantee that your whole lawn receives sufficient water. Because the ingenious design of the nozzles uniformly distributes water throughout the landscape, even the most remote areas may be reached. To ensure it is installed properly, you must get in touch with our skilled technicians.


Perfection in Every Direction

People always know what they want, and even if they require some advice or professional judgment, they always know to demand the best care for their lawns! Achieving this aim should be easy if you know what you’re doing and how to take care of the various components so that everything is healthy and attractive. What if you don’t know, though? Getting what you want could still be simple; give a seasoned landscaper a call.

The Beauty Experts

Beauty is simple to anticipate and obtain when you have professionals on your side for advice and skilled labor! When you have us on your side, you’ll make your life a lot simpler and happier with excellent outcomes. Few individuals can claim they are pleased with the service their lawns have been receiving from the contractors they hired, but for those in the region, the contrary is true. We provide a method that is expertly carried out, so you will be happy with our job!

La Inocencia Landscaping is a trusted company that offers outstanding front yard landscaping or other services. We are based in Homestead, FL. Contact our qualified team today for inquiries!

Client Testimonials

by Elijah Cobb on La Inocencia Landscaping
Five Stars for This Company

I discovered this company when searching for an affordable landscaping service for my property. I was very happy with the results, and I would definitely recommend this team of experts to my friends and neighbors. Thank you so much, guys!

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